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Jejune Gloom

Jejune is such a cool-sounding word with such a downer, Eeyore meaning. It was the name of a rather remarkable project in SF (the Jejune Institute) that is unfortunately closed now.

But when one thing ends, another is always beginning. Some links for you on this beautiful weekend.

Field Trip SF is a live-blogging experiment happening this weekend. The folks from Lost Type Co-op are here, making a typeface inspired by the city. Cool and fun and just the sort of project I love.

So I used to have this boyfriend who could make all of those groovy decorative knots for lanyards and doormats and tying up your boat and stuff. The best part is the brightly colored rope you could use. It’s kind of a trend right now but it’s very fun, and I found a great source at Knot & Rope Supply.

Finally, a little update about Makeshift Society. Nothing to see at the website yet, but we are hard at work behind the scenes. One tool that’s very handy is the new Mightybell. It was a learning platform and has morphed into a great place to conceptualize projects with other people. In a nutshell it is a private Pinterest/Tumblr/chat mashup. And right now it seems to be FREE. Give it a shot for your next creative project.

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