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It’s Friday and I get the keys to Makeshift Society TONIGHT. I am so excited, I cannot stand it. But, I am also exhausted from thinking of the zillion and one things I have to do before we can open doors. So today, you get a hodgepodge of links that I have been checking out for the last few days. I am trying not to flood this site with MSS stuff, so do check out our Twitter account (@MakeshiftSoc) to stay in the loop. Anyway, the links. Let’s start with the library-related ones.

I am trying to find library management software. I’m going to test out Delicious Library this weekend but while on the hunt, I also found Local Tools, which is a new app for managing tool lending libraries (or any kind of lending library, really). I love the notion of sharing resources, obviously. I used to go to the Oakland Library Tool Lending Library for things like weed whackers and sanders, stuff I just didn’t need very often. It was such a good idea, and I’m glad it’s flourishing.


And then for something truly random, but interesting – a New Yorker article on intelligence, making assumptions, and problem solving.

Finally – a London men’s magazine called PORT has a new issue out devoted to food, guest edited by Fergus Henderson. OK, why is this for men only? I still don’t get the distinction, especially since this mag is definitely not filled with sexy ladies. Guys, help me out here. Is it really just because there is men’s fashion involved?

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