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Retail Detail Roundup

Hello everyone! If you have read through my previous posts or we happen to hang out in person, you may have noticed I often refer to “retail details” with disturbing enthusiasm. Unique, meticulous design details of any kind make me giddy as they showcase the power and beauty of mindful creativity. In a sea of soulless mass discount retail and chain stores, attention to detail is what sets shops and makers apart, makes them memorable and creates relationships with like-minded customers. Not too get too philosophical but it seems that retail with a soul and distinct identity does not happen by chance or via research report but rather, is built with a million thoughtful and creative details.

If I had a dollar for each time I pointed out a retail detail and someone said “but no one else notices those kind of things”, I would be writing this post from a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean. But I strongly disagree with the notion that so few notice or care. Whether or not you zone in on specific elements or you can put words to what you see, retail details are still adding up to an overall experience. They inform how you feel about a brand or store and craft your sense of its quality, value and distinctiveness. A handsome emboss on a tag, a boldly painted shop door, some special holiday packaging – the little things create a personality and an identity customers can feel a connection to. Details make a design and in retail, they make all the difference.

Through Pinterest, research, magazines and travelling about with my iPhone, I seem to always be compiling a plethora of great retail detail examples. While most of my posts here are focused on a specific topic or trend, I plan on doing roundups every so often of the unique details that may not fit into any one category. There is so much inspiration to be found in the creative ways shops, makers and designers go the extra mile in making beautiful and truly thoughtful retail design. A vibrant source of design inspiration, retail has so many opportunities for handsome, buzz-worthy creativity beyond the expected or required. I strongly believe it is fabulous details that turn good stores or brands into great ones. Let’s ponder some examples! – Chloé / plenty of colour

Branded paper clips, chalk application of logo on street, hardcover colours that match dust just illustrations

Business cards that match the theme of a shop or maker (recycled cardboard for environment expert or cement cards by studio)

Wrapping is ripe with possibilities from laser cut tissue with logos or beautiful branded bubble wrap for a gallery. Can be economical and recyclable too or just for holidays.

Love when packaging goes the extra step in a unique way. Soap wrapping with instructions to turn it into origami animals or the basic white coffee cup reimagined with handsome typography.

Love the retail detail of making a wall or unique feature for people to pose with. Yeah! Burger speech bubble or Lego Store colour containers are great examples.

Who says washroom signs need to be mundane? Love these examples for their artful effectiveness.

Turn a black coffee shop into a creative feast for the eyes with white line drawings.

Regular shutters become buzz worthy in this wine shop.

Retail floors is a topic I have planned for the future. So much oppourtunity for amazing patterns, colour and details.

Also think that branding is overlooked on floors. Seemed to be a feature of the past that needs a comeback!

Even a caution sign becomes a fantastic retail detail with a little thought and great design.

I would love to know what retail details attract your eye. Please let me know! – Chloé / plenty of colour

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  2. Well-stated, Chloe! I geek out over these same things. A little thought can go a long way! And most of these details influence perceptions at a subconscious level, which is the only reason their power can be so easily dismissed.

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