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Elation and Exhaustion

That’s where I’m at right now – Makeshift Society is taking up a chunk of my time but I also did 4 consults this week which might be a record for me. I’m good at multitasking but now I know that is my limit!

Some weekend links for you – hopefully you’ll have a sunny one, SF is going to be fogged in, it seems, Pride or no Pride. Back at it Monday! – R

Please read “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All“. It’s important.

For something a little lighter, check out these beautiful photos about a hatmaker in Chicago.

3D Printing and ceramics = amazing.

I’ve heard this story before but maybe you haven’t – about the SF Fire Department’s wooden ladders – handmade, yo!

Finally – SCAD has an eLearning department with art, design, and management classes. Sign me up.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I have attended SCAD and used their eLearning…you might like the Academy of Art University better. The classes are more diverse and comprehensive, plus they offer their degrees completely online, rather than just some classes.

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