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I’m moving things around in anticipation of opening Makeshift Society in September. Sorry things have been a bit quiet on the consulting front – I’m still here but you have to catch me and pin me down!

The scoop:

I’ve rescheduled my cancelled brick and mortar class for October.

Retail Readiness – still working on it! I’m not even kidding. Derek is laying out the last 3 chapters in InDesign as I type this.

I just did a phone interview for “After the Jump”, Grace Bonney’s radio show on Heritage Radio Network. You can listen to it here.

I have a couple sponsor spots opening up on my site, contact me if interested.

I’ll be attending the Photowalk SF with VSCO that Makeshift is co-hosting on August 1. You should come!

We are planning a fun and fancy event on August 15 with The Bold Italic and Skill Exchange. You should come to that, too.

I got my kid into preschool in San Francisco. That, in itself, is an achievement.


How has your July been? What have you been working on?


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  1. Soledad says:

    Hi Rena,
    I listen After the Jump as a podcast so I listened to it right away.

    I’m so in tune with what you said about the possibilities that big craft shows bring to get crafters together, who come sometimes from all over the country, or on the other hand see each other on most shows that happen in a city.

    I find that most of us who do craft shows love the interaction with costumers, and with fellow vendors, but I feel that happens in a very superficial way. I keep seeing the same people doing these shows and started wondering, why don’t we meet for dinner afterwards? Why don’t we stay an extra day in X city and have a talk with someone interesting? We could even rent an apartment together and save some money! (I heard some Portland vendors will be doing that for Renegade Chicago).

    I really feel there’s so much to share and learn from each other, and that there’s an opportunity to take these polite and friendly interactions to a higher level, but I’m not really sure where to start…

    • Rena Tom says:

      I agree, and would be happy if the Monday after each weekend show was a business day for the vendors. Maybe get a group together and propose it? It just makes so much sense since all the vendors are in town anyway.

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