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Heading to Vegas

Taken on my last visit to the fair city, early 2008.

In a few days I will be on an early flight to Las Vegas for a work-filled weekend. Makeshift Society is not quite three months old again and yes, I’m already scheming. This is more of a serendipitous opportunity than a planned outcome; Vegas was never in my mind for what I want to do, but if I don’t investigate all my options, I’ll never be able to sleep, so away I go.

I do like exploring opposites, and I feel like this could be a great playground for that. Can it be glitzy and other and yet small-town at the same time? We’ll see. If you have any recommendations for me for the quieter side, let me know. (No car so driving out to go hiking is not an option, sadly.) I like good food and thrift stores and claw games, so along those lines.

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