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Eye Candy No. 18: The Great Discontent


One of the things I feed off of as a creative freelancer, is a constant stream of visual inspiration. Every now and again we all need a little something more. We need to read something that inspires us, hear someone’s story. It is what fuels personal reflection, which is so vital no matter what your profession. This week I happened to come across a most amazing site, one that encompasses the beauty of visuals and the intellectual awesomeness of storytelling. The Great Discontent is a site offering in-depth interviews with creative gurus of all types. Run by Ryan & Tina Essmaker, the visual design is awesome and the interviews are equally so. You can spend a whole day pouring through the archive and find inspiration in all of them. With big imagery, large pull out quotes, and a scroll down format, the site is edgy and modern and perfect. I’m sure I’m the last to know about TGD, but hey better late than never eh? –Keely



images via TGD


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