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I was going over old notes and found a presentation I made about building a tech toolkit. It’s a couple years old now and it is funny to see how much I don’t use. There are some core applications, and a few good new ones, so I thought I’d share. I do a lot more work on my phone, but the bulk is still on my laptop. I have a tablet and it’s almost solely for email and media consumption. Your mileage may vary; what is your must-have tool?

Caveats: This is for my particular line of work, which mostly means writing, talking to people, and moving files around. It does not have anything to do with retail specifically, but if you are a small businessperson on the go, many of these tools can help you anyway. I am not going to go into detail about why I use these tools and not similar ones, but feel free to sign up for free trials and see if you can make it fit into your workflow.

my library card
kaweco classic sport rollerball
google nexus 7
iphone 4s
macbook air 13″

lastpass – password storage
orchestra – to-do list
dropmark – visual organizer
instapaper – reading shorter stuff
readmill – reading longer stuff
gmail – email
sumall – financial snapshot
dropbox – file storage
buffer – social media
sproutsocial – social media
twitter – social
facebook – social
wordpress – blog
cargo collective – website
e-junkie – class payments
paypal – payments
stripe – payments

chrome – browser
spotify – tunes
itunes – podcasts
quickbooks – bookkeeping and payroll
pages – docs
numbers – spreadsheets
keynote – presentations
evernote – notes storage
google hangouts – chat
google drive – shared docs and spreadsheets
photoshop – image manipulation

instagram – social
camera + – cameraphone
tweetlist – social
hoteltonight – travel
fedex office – printing
postmates – delivery
flywheel – cab
jotnot scanner – fax docs
docusign ink – sign docs

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