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If you’re wondering why it’s been so quiet over here lately, it’s because of this (reposted from the Makeshift blog). Thanks for reading! – R

Without You We’re Nothing

The clubhouse in Hayes Valley turns one today. I am so proud of everyone involved, and getting to see our members truly blossom, personally and professionally, is a daily gift.

There’s an old Sandra Bernhard movie called Without You I’m Nothing and that has been rattling around in my brain for many months as we prepare to expand Makeshift Society to the East Coast. I like to insert We’re into that phrase, though. Using the first-person pronoun feels completely wrong because Makeshift has always been a team effort (giant hugs to Victoria and Suzanne) and is even more so, now that we are a year old and so many people have joined our ranks, visited the clubhouse for a class or event, or simply watched what we do on this blog, our newsletter or through social media.

So let’s embrace the we, and extend it even further. We ask you to support our efforts to bring Makeshift Brooklyn to life. We invite you to take a look at our Kickstarter page, to listen to our story, to read about our plans, to admire the rewards our friends are generously providing, to spread the word about what we’re trying to accomplish for creative freelancers and independent workers, and yes, to back our campaign with your dollars, if you can.

We want more Makeshifters in the world. Why? Because they are delightful people who know how to work hard and play hard, and are willing, active participants in the Society. Their generosity is evident every single day. More locations mean more members who will be your friends, peers and mentors. More members equal more opportunities to make, learn, teach and think – together. Starting with Brooklyn, we’re ready to expand the network and unite creative communities, at least online.

The Past and the Future

The genesis of Makeshift San Francisco was really a love of books. I wanted to create a library of beautiful and inspiring books for designers and artists to share. After countless conversations with friends and strangers, it evolved into so much more that I expected, *and* I got my wish – we have a great selection of books and magazines for people to check out.

With our new location in Brooklyn, we’re going to take it one giant step further. Our campaign will fund a library, not just of books, but of creative tools that people need to bring their projects to fruition. Need to borrow a camera and light kit to shoot your new collection of jewelry? Want to use After Effects to edit a video? Try out a Wacom tablet to see if you like it? Borrow a microphone for recording a podcast? The more you help, the better the library becomes.

And, the more you help, the stronger the community becomes. The funds will also go toward our Maker-in-Residence program, so we can support people who have a project they’re passionate about with a three-month membership, the wisdom of their fellow Makeshifters and the tools they need to make that project happen.

Please spread the word, and thank you for being part of our community.

— Rena, and all of us at Makeshift

Go to our Kickstarter page >>

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  1. Jill Simpson says:

    Rena, I am so excited that you are bringing Makeshift Society to Brooklyn! Even though I don’t live there anymore, I signed up for a membership because I think it’s a fantastic thing you’re doing! Can’t wait to see it. Thank you! 

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