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Gentle readers, I’ve been sucked into end of year/holiday/blah blah mode. I’ve been trying to make decisions (and I have a hard time making decisions) and I’ve finally come up for air.

I feel like December is when a lot of things, thinking about the future, gets put on hold as one tries to deal with just being present and maintaining. For me, winter and the end of daylight savings really messes with me. I’m much more aware of time and it makes me especially anxious. I’m trying to accept that for what it is, but there are still things going on you should know about. 2014 is shaping up to be monumental.

I’m fulfilling orders. The Kickstarter for Makeshift Brooklyn was successful, and we are deep in the fulfillment process for the rewards. It’s a very silly time to do shipping in general, but we’re doing it anyway. Every day I am grateful for everyone involved in the project, but handling 447 promises to our backers, plus working with the artists and designers and screenprinters etc is a lot to coordinate.

I’m consulting again, sort of. I can’t commit to long-term help but I am happy to do short calls with people who have questions they need answered. The easiest way to book is via Clarity; if I have time, I take the call. If you’d rather do something over video, you can contact me about that, but I usually need to do more prep so it may take longer for me to get to you.

I’m heading to video. I’ve just started outlining my Retail Readiness class on Skillshare so that it is more widely available as an online course. I’ve been putting this off because I can’t include all the info I want to impart, and I truly like seeing your face when I teach. However, it does get impractical. When it’s in good shape, I’ll let you know. meanwhile, there are the calls, and I will do Google Hangouts every quarter.

I’m thinking about Brooklyn. Every day, we chip away at Makeshift BK. There are a thousand details that need to be done before we open doors, but we’re getting there. If you are interested in membership, fill out the form here for now, and we’ll have more info after our new website goes live next year. Most likely I will be back in Brooklyn in February, too.

I’m doing some speaking. In March, I’ll be speaking here and there. If you are in Austin, I’ll be at SXSWi, holding a Mentor Session and also sitting in on a panel called Navigating the New Handmade Economy. Thanks Eleanor for inviting me to that one! And later in the month, I’ll be speaking at the brand-new¬†Pioneer Nation¬†conference in Portland. Organized by the folks behind World Domination Summit, it promises to be a great learning experience for independent entrepreneurs. As you know, I don’t really do “inspirational” talks – I am pretty plain-spoken and would rather people really learn something concrete, so we’ll see how these events go!

That’s about it. It’s Friday night and I have a stack of books to get through and, perhaps, sleep. Til soon! – Rena

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