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The Year Thus Far

Never for Money, Always for Love from Jenn Armbrust

Never for Money, Always for Love from Jenn Armbrust

I can’t quite believe we are already a quarter-way through the year. It feels like time is accelerating abnormally fast. I can’t decide if that’s because I’m getting a ton done, or not enough.

This morning I flew back from Portland where I spoke and taught at Pioneer Nation. What I learned is that people are extraordinarily generous and far smarter than I am, that you can get a very decent donut and ice cream there, that I still have a hard time with big crowds, but I’m becoming better at speaking in public. The adorable Kyla basically imparted a coaching session to me (over a drink, the best way) and told me to stop apologizing for being nervous…so I’m going to stop apologizing for being nervous.

I was also inspired to put the direct-buy buttons back on my site for consulting. I have been hesitant to do this ever since Makeshift Brooklyn was in serious play last year, because I had too many things on my plate and I’m always afraid of not doing a good job. Well, it’s very likely it will *always* be the case that I will have too many things going on. If you need help, I will make the time to help you.

Portland was also lovely because I got to talk to a ton of people outside the conference, people I have wanting to meet for a long time, new Twitter friends, etc – all with very different businesses, which is totally my jam. So thank you to Robin the urban planner who wants to create a non-intimidating makerspace, Mara the fearsome polymath reporter/startup founder/calligrapher, Jennifer the artist/thinker/feminist and fellow former shop/gallery owner, Anna Joyce who makes all the beautiful things and is nearly done with her book, and Namita the museum director who is cooking up some amazing stuff this year. The lady power is tremendous in that town.

The next two months are all about travel, again. We are so, so close to opening doors in Williamsburg, so I’ll likely be in NY in April/May…and possibly again in June. Look out for a Retail Readiness workshop in the brand-new space (!!!!!) and one in San Francisco on April 15, too. (Two spots left for the online version on Apri 8 if you live elsewhere.) I am also finalizing details to teach it in Los Angeles at Poketo in early June. Ted and Angie are the absolute best and I want to see them and their new shop in the Line Hotel, maybe stay there too.

I love getting out there in the world but I definitely need a few days at home to recharge. I have padded out my nest to be as soothing and calming as possible. It’s helping. “Where” matters, and how it looks matters, and how it smells and sounds and feels. As long as we never forget that, I think we’ll all be okay.

(Oh! And I got a tattoo. Another one. More about that soon; it’s a good story.)

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  1. Andy Hayes says:

    Was great meeting you – thanks for joining us here in Portland. Less fluff, more donuts next time I promise! :-)

  2. Rena – I really liked your talk last Friday at Pioneer Nation. I can related with all roller coaster rides you mentioned. I’ve been working for myself for 11 years, it’s been a crazy path. Good luck with everything.

  3. I just wrote a post about being a quarter into the year too:) This year is speeding by so far! It’s always a challenge to not get too busy and it is so necessary to recharge.

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