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The Past, The Future and The Now

All my crazy ideas come from late-night Twitter.

Hi everyone. Two posts in one week? What is going on around here?

I guess I’m firing up the machine again. It’s not like I have extra free time…Makeshift Brooklyn is due to open in less than a month but I am like a bear waking up after a long winter. And truly, it has been a long winter.

Let’s start with what’s happened, and move on to what’s happening next.

The past: This week, I left a tip with the Etsy Wholesale crew about pitching to retailers; you can read that here. This is a topic I cover in greater depth in my Retail Readiness class. The upcoming Hangout is booked up, but there are seats in the San Francisco class on April 15.

If you’re not in one of the cities I teach in, well, I’m still trying to figure a solution out. I seem to have a hard time working with someone and not seeing their face or hearing their voice. The work I do feels so specific; I want to give you specific help for your specific problems. Unfortunately, I can’t be everywhere at once and you might not be able to afford that kind of assistance. So what to do? I am *just about* ready to offer a lower-cost but not-customized option. I have to talk myself into it, or maybe you all have to talk *me* into it.

The future: What would this other option look like? Possibly like a downloadable book (written and has been sitting in a folder on my computer for 2 years!), or an online course that would be a series of videos (which I would need to record – eek)? Or another format entirely? For example, we’re looking at a new tool called Switchboard which is a very simple way for a community to ask and answer questions. I don’t have a very good grasp of who you are, but I very much like the idea of you helping each other out as a supplement to any wisdom I can impart to you.

Thoughts? Preferences? Please tell me in the comments.

The now: I’m going to start another experiment. It may fizzle out in a year, or a month, who knows, but I won’t be able to assess if I enjoy it if I don’t give it a try, right?

For a few months in 2011-2012, I experimented with keeping a blog for products and brands I loved. It got to be too much work; I was trying to write up full-sized posts to accompany the images, and I had the consulting blog as well, and it became unsustainable. The bug to talk about my interests comes and goes, and apparently it’s back again. I feel like we’re back in the era of awesome newsletters*, so forget a new blog, I’m starting a very short, very specific newsletter. It’s called Hardly Working and it’ll appear in your inbox whenever I cobble together enough stuff I like. I’ll post one item in each of the following categories: read, eat, covet and meet. It won’t be tips about anything, and it won’t just be me gushing over products; it will truly be a glimpse of whatever or whoever I’m into at the moment, for fun, because I need more fun right now. Got it? Get it here. (Thanks to Stewart and Jennifer for unknowingly triggering this.)

*Now that blogs are more marketing than personal expression, these micro-newsletters feel very punk zine to me! The ones I love the most right now are 5 Intriguing Things and Dispatches from the Future of Museums.

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  1. Anna says:

    I am so excited for this new punk zine newsletter vibe. YES. oxoxoxxoxo

  2. anastasia says:

    I love the idea of a downloadable book!

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