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Ace Camp, Victoria Smith and Me (and You)


Dear diary, I mean blog, it’s been about three months since I last posted. The holidays, you know, and a general restlessness and not having very much to report to you. Well, I think I have some things to report finally.

If you have a penny to spend and are itching to combine work and play, why not join me and my dear friend Victoria Smith (aka sfgirlbybay) on an adventure in learning and travel? We have been invited by Angela Ritchie who runs Ritchie Ace Camps to teach skills to help your business…down in Tulum, Mexico. Yay! A week in Mexico! Developing Creative Partnerships for Makers + Brands runs May 3 – 9 and will kick your butt in gear, business-wise – and then pamper you on the beach, for some much needed downtime. Dare we say, best business expense ever?

The party line:

Independent brands need to present their products in the best light to catch the eye of stores, customers and influencers. Victoria and Rena will help ensure your brand message is on-target, the photography suitable for every marketing platform, online presence and collateral is consistent, and offer tips on developing great working relationships with collaborators, bloggers and media, and retailers. Rena and Victoria will contact you personally prior to this Ace Camp to find out your needs and will be super prepared in Mexico to advise according to your individual businesses. You will leave feeling inspired and ready to take on any project related to your business.

So Victoria and I will each lead a full day of teaching, and we’ll also tour some boutiques in town and examine product, merchandising, packaging and such. AND everybody gets some one-on-one time with us to get their specific questions answered.

Please do check out the site. It’s going to be a nice intimate group, and I think we’ll have lots of fun. I love teaching and this is basically a dream teaching gig and you get to witness V and I get really goofy together…see photo below. And if this isn’t trip quite right, there are so many other cool Ace Camps going on this year!


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