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It is a week away from being spring, officially, so I thought I’d brief you on updates. The main thing is that we are *this* close to finalizing the Ritchie Ace Camp business learning trip in Tulum, Mexico with Victoria Smith. More about that below – I really do hope you will join us! There has been some concern that this coincides with Mother’s Day weekend but I say, what better present could there be than a working holiday? We promise you will learn a ton, no matter what your small business is.

If sunny beaches aren’t your thing, I will also be speaking at CAMP, run by the lovely Sonja from UNIQUE. This is out in the woods at Big Bear, CA and promises to be a crazy and stimulating and dance-filled time with a much larger group of people. Choose your poison!

Also, I’m sneaking in a short trip to Brooklyn in April, to check in at Makeshift Society. If a private consultation is more your speed, please check out more about the services I provide and get in touch.

But okay, more about that trip to Mexico…Victoria and I thought we’d talk a little bit more in depth about what we’re planning for you.



1. who is this camp for? what level of expertise is this for? is this for makers only?
anyone with a small business who wants to enhance and strengthen their brand and increase their visibility to their clients and target market. this includes not only makers but e-commerce sites, event companies, bloggers, photographers, lifestyle brands, small publishers — anyone who has something to present to the world and wants to learn best practices to do so.

2. what’s happening at camp?
victoria will be touching on branding and marketing:
– who you are trying to reach and how (finding the best method for each platform)
– how to monetize your presence through your platforms
- how to work with brands, negotiating fees and knowing your value
– putting together your media kit
- staying on brand — the do’s and don’ts

rena will be talking about:
– the product side of things — wholesale, linesheets,etc.
– how to present yourself to buyers versus direct sales
– how to pitch to stores
– she’ll also cover evaluating your entire brand presence with an eye toward retail

victoria and i will also co-teach a day that focuses on visuals and photography. we’ll review your mood boards for photography and learn how to make your images match up, and we’ll also go on a field trip — shooting in town, practicing both stores and restaurant shots and detail/product shots. we’ll then sit down and teach you how to edit your new photos. we will go over the types of shots best for retail/blogs/sharing and we will practice studio shoot setups.

3. why are you guys doing this?

victoria: I’m doing this workshop because I get excited seeing people reach their potential, and helping them translate the ideas floating around in their imagination to their images on the page (or on Instagram, their websites etc). We’re also teaching in a pretty dreamy place — did you notice? There’s warm sun, palm trees swaying, and turquoise waves and margaritas! And chips and salsa, so they had me at ‘¡HOLA! ‘

rena:  I love all the variations of experience that you can have as a small business owner, and while I can be helpful to greater numbers of people with my eBook, I really love one-on-one time with makers and doers. I feel like I learn so much from others as well. And yeah – mixing working and play and sunshine sounds pretty great to me! Get out of your usual location and learn differently, it really works.

(photos above by victoriatraveler + Leisurethe kitchy kitchenvogue)

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