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When I teach, I like to tell people that blogs have become largely repositories of information that can be indexed and searched easily. It didn’t always use to be this way, of course, and for some people it still is a moving, living document. But for me, it’s become the place to record things for posterity. Here is how I use my various accounts in 2015 to amplify (to borrow a marketing term) my voice.

Twitter: In the moment – thoughts that pop into my head which I don’t need to remember later, encouragement to others to buy tickets or back campaigns or see a show, a link to a cool image or article I’ve read.

Instagram: A visual record of my walks around town. It’s hard to do this well by bike or car. You have to slow it down. Some people put product shots or interesting vignettes; I’ll do this a bit but I mostly like seeing the interaction of the road, people and sky.

Tinyletter: When I get in the mood, I’ll send one out. It’s more like the old way of blogging in intimacy and audience reach.

Flickr: Archiving hi-res images. Not everything I post elsewhere, just the good stuff.

Blog: This.

What about you? How do you use your accounts? Do you have a favorite?

(And in the interest of posterity, let me also me say that I will be teaching Retail Readiness again with Poketo in LA on June 13. A few seats left for the class – tickets here. And ALSO I’ll be roaming the US a bit this August with Everyhere Logistics. They just launched a Kickstarter today to help them pay for expenses. Visit the page, check out the video, support us.)

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