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Alyson Thomas

Alyson Thomas is an artist, illustrator, and owner of Drywell Art.  In 2009, she quit her job as an Asylum Officer for the U.S. Government to pursue an art career, despite a lack of formal training. It seemed like a crazy decision at the time, but was really just crazy awesome. Even though she’s abandoned her career as a lawyer, her legal background has come in surprisingly handy in her art career. Alyson is excited to share her legal wisdom with artists and small business owners. She lives and works with Steve, her husband and business partner, out of a 550 sq. foot apartment in San Francisco. Despite this, they remain happily married. //

Chloé Douglas

Chloé Douglas is a Vancouver designer and maker of things. A huge fan of the passion and drama of sports, Chloé was a designer for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games working on projects such as medals, store design, merchandise and the ‘look of the Games’ as a whole. When not editing excessive exclamation points out of business emails or dreaming of owning a shop, you can find Chloé fusing modern technology and handcrafted detail for an array of design clients. In love with colour since her first toddler glance of the hardware store paint chip wall, Chloé decided to create Plenty of Colour in 2011 as a daily blog devoted to the topic. //

Christine Marcelino

Christine Marcelino is a San Francisco-based industrial designer by trade and maker by moonlight. Christine is from Chicago and is now a born-again Californian in love with its ocean, mountains, and food. Prior to starting her own design shop, Christine designed interior concepts and home furnishings for Pottery Barn and fun gear for Alite Designs in San Francisco. Now she designs outdoor gear to have an excuse to play outside more.  Her latest venture, Materials + Process, explores her interest in materials and her penchant for process through visual narratives and handmade studies. //

Erica Midkiff

Erica Midkiff is a copy editor, which means she actually likes grammar. She knows that’s weird. She helps small businesses, publishers of independent magazines, teachers of e-courses and workshops, and other similar people by polishing their prose (editing for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other fun things, aiming for consistency and clarity while maintaining the author’s voice). She lives in Birmingham, Alabama, with the love of her life and two very rambunctious cats. She loves to read, take photographs, and decorate (and redecorate) her home, and she shares these loves—and more—in an online journal, Dearingford. She copy edits for Kinfolk Magazine and Pure Green Magazine, among other wonderful projects, and she looks forward to making copy editing seem much less daunting (and much more important!) through her posts here. //

Keely Reyes

Keely is a San Francisco based graphic designer and illustrator and maker of paper goods for her online shop, Monkey & The Whale. Keely quit her day job in 2009 to become a full time mom of two and entrepreneur. No one knows how she does it, not even Keely herself! Her vivid and quirky imagination ensures she never takes herself too seriously. She juggles motherhood and a creative business with flare and manages to maintain some level of sanity. Some…. //

Lisa Anderson Shaffer

Lisa Anderson Shaffer is a licensed psychotherapist and accessories designer for her business Zelma Rose. With a background in private practice and acute psychiatric in-patient care she is an expert in boundary maintenance and group dynamics. As a business consultant, Lisa offers psychologically minded business solutions to creative professionals, startups, freelancers, and those in the service industry. //

Tara Swiger

Tara Swiger is a writer, maker, and Starship Captain in Johnson City, TN. She explores creating smart businesses through her yarn company, Blonde Chicken Boutique, and by serving as First Officer and Community Manager aboard creative, crafty and downright adorable ships (from tech start-ups to fine artists). She creates tools (the Map-Making Guide) and spaces (The Starship) for teeny tiny crafty businesses to explore their own best businesses and marketing plans. //